Design your customer user experiences

Elcoin Internet Banking is your customer experience management platform.

Your customer meets you virtually, expecting your digital presence to be as pleasant as your services. With us you meet your client’s desire on each step and have everything to design your customer's own experiences.

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Embedded Experiences

With this service from Elcoin you will improve your customer experience with embedded third-party APIs and embedded functionality via widgets.


Seamless onboarding experience with built-in ID verification SDKs. One window, multiple opportunities.


Payments experience that your customers want. Leverage your payments advantage through third-party embedded payments solutions.


Provide direct access to crypto trading, NFTs and the whole metaverse.


Enlarge your market share with fancy payment cards. Virtual or physical - let your customers decide.

Access your team

Working with complex company structures, UBOs, multiple directors and secretaries has never been easy - thanks to our multi-role models and its functional features.

Your team can get the access to review the whole data and analytics, see the ways for further enhancement and bottlenecks reduction.

Stay ahead of your customer expectations. With Elcoin Internet Banking you will get more than just a front-end app (UI/UX or simple branding), you get modern tools for managing your customers’ digital experiences.

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Browse our Elcoin Internet Banking technical features.

Embedded experiences start here.

Time to market 1

3 months

Trial version 2

7 days

Supported entities 3

This is the type of entities that can be exchanged using the Risk Management product

Access, Contacts, Accounts, Payments, Cards, Foreign Exchange.

Connectivity modes

Asynchronous message processing

SLA (%)

99.89 (Normal Availability), 99.95 (High Availability)

Supported standards

  • EBA Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Requirements
  • The Payment Services Regulations (PSR) 2017
  • Payment Service Directive (EU) 2015/2366

Tech stack


Product code (series)


Short description

Elcoin Internet Banking (IB) - is a web-based user experience platform that can be branded and adjusted to meet a wide range of functional and non-functional requirements. Elcoin IB solution satisfies banking security standards and can be used to let your customers bank remotely.

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Deployment mode(s) 5

Cloud and on-premises

  1. Presented value corresponds to historical records and past projects data. It is possible to reduce the time to market time provided existing integrations will be used and clear configuration requirements are available at the start of the project.
  2. A trial version is provided by giving access to the Elcoin Demo environment. Upon the trial period expires the access to the demo environment is revoked.
  3. Data items that can be exchanged are subject to your configuration and business settings. Not all of these items can be supported. For more information, please check your Account manager or contact Elcoin sales team via this form.
  4. Values were achieved as part of Elcoin performance benchmark testing survey that had been conducted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 computing instance.
  5. Each installation is deployed in an isolated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) account within the Amazon hosting platform. It is possible to ensure high availability mode by deploying two or more parallel computing nodes.