About Us

Elcoin Ltd is an international information technology company established in 2017. We launched in the United Kingdom, and also have the R&D office in Latvia. We create financial technologies for the growing fintech community. For the last two years, we have managed to develop a complete set of technological solutions which organically blend into the powerful Financial Technology Platform.

Businesses who aim to provide their financial services globally, avoiding heavy investment into development of their own software solutions, hardware and processing infrastructure work with us. At Elcoin we aim to assist companies no matter of business type and size in provision of their services and reduce their time to market along with associated costs.

Our company is our Culture

Through delivery of focused IT solutions, we at Elcoin strive to pursue this opportunity and to secure a solid share in the emerging IT market segment, servicing existing financial companies and becoming a strong IT supplier for entry players.

At Elcoin we believe in continuous self-improvement and innovation by design as well as business experimentation. Starting our activities by concentrating on and advancing a selected range of products, we aim to continuously achieve step-by-step milestones while creating a complete IT services ecosystem.

We are open to alliances and strong partnerships to introduce our user-friendly payment solutions to new markets and wider audiences.

Our mission

Elcoin’s mission is to empower prime FinTech companies to meet their business objectives. Elcoin strives to foster and maintain positive relationships with each and every client, by providing cutting edge technological services at reasonable and competitive prices.