Elcoin for marketplaces

Replace your manual payments and settlements processing with fully automated user-defined process flows

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Use cases

We designed our solution to support different marketplace types and categories. In general these can involve selling of assets or services:

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Products & Services marketplace

Get our payments engine that supports automated escrow account opening and management activities. Together with the Open Banking payment initiation the whole trading process can be closed. It allows marketplace owners to take control over the underlying payments processes, to keep all payment processes via banking transfers and avoid using the card schemes altogether. This eliminates chargeback problems and lets the marketplace have flexible pricing options.

NFT markeplace

The payments engine from Elcoin can be also used in the crypto domain, where instead of virtual IBANs and Open Banking providers existing blockchain and crypto exchangers can be used. You get all necessary back-office tools to register new merchants, their lots (NFTs); to support purchases and evaluate pre-trade and post-trade fees. It also automatically distributes all NFT purchase payments among marketplace participants as required by the marketplace owners.


Benefits for Marketplaces

Stay ahead of the marketplace

Get tools to control and trace all payments. When connected to banking partners you see and control payments that you and your merchants receive.

Getting the payments right

Manage the distribution of funds across marketplace participants. You can set up automated payment rejection flows in case your marketplace sellers are not ready to deliver the product.

Control your terms and conditions

Allows you to control your marketplace commissioning policy and service fees

Payments made instant

Use instant local and regional payment systems to reduce the settlement time from weeks to seconds