BaaS from Elcoin

Make better business instead of focusing on bank licences and integrations.


Our differentiated software products and initiatives for Banks offer a complete digitalisation of core banking business processes and the ability to deliver capabilities of existing Bank’s infrastructure on-demand to the Banking as a Service customers.

BaaS Bank Partnership Programs

Our BaaS Bank Partnership Program is designed both to help fintech to meet their business objectives, while helping BaaS bank to improve their sales pipelines. Within the program, we, Elcoin, act as the BaaS bank’s services cross-selling agent, attracting new fintech customers for BaaS services.

Providing the access to BaaS bank sandbox environment and documentation, you get a rapid integration between a fintech and BaaS bank reducing the time to market to weeks.


Get advantages from our BaaS

Sources of revenue increase

Cost Reduction

Get more customers

Customers’ insights, data and
raise of loyalty

Markets penetration

Faster time-to-market

Features and functionality


Complete digital online remote onboarding and validation process, AML/KYC and regulation terms compliance.


End-to-end account management, based on FIs banking relationships and customer funds arrangements; participation in local or international clearing schemes; country of incorporation and regulatory status.


Manage all your payments: individual, corporate customers’ such as agents as well as housekeeping payments that are performed on a day-to-day basis. Switch to payment providers and integrate with customer service channels.


Enjoy the ease of card issuance and management system, processing, depending on the BaaS configuration you choose.

Automation and outsourcing

Reduce manual input in internal procedures by making them outsourced. We take care of customisation, all the required accounting and more.

Licensing and Regulation

We offer risk policy coherence with regulation, IT and IT-security documentation. Depending on your market plans, our bank partners may offer you their licenced products as for EU, UK and other regions.


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