The core is our banking engine

It suits the everyday business needs of any payment institution or electronic money issuer.

Based on an open API architecture it is easily configured to meet specific requirements and be connected to your systems, our partners, or other Elcoin Cloud Products.

Mining Hardware

Key features

Empowering functionality

Empowering functionality

The core is empowered by functional micro-services groups, aimed to automate daily work of your business team and to support principal business services.

Access granted

Access granted

Take control over external devices and users access, as well as the information assets. Our platform securely stores access profiles and links to existing contact profiles and permitted functional services.

Unified contacts warehouse

Unified contacts warehouse

Manage all your business contacts and their processing rules. UCW applies to your customers, agents, partnering banks, payment service providers, ForEx brokers, employees, suppliers, regulators. etc.

Control how your customers are serviced

Control how your customers are serviced

Here you get everything to tailor and customise your own services for customers or agents, along with those you receive from your business partners and suppliers.



The core provides tools for keeping accounts balances and record financial operations. With these tools you take full control over your general ledger (GL) accounts as well as all sub-ledger account types.



You keep various payment categories, create and process subsequent payments, configure payment processing business rules and more. The core applies not only to card or classic banking payment, but also crypto, NFT or any other payment type.

New management experience

Get easy-to-use tools to manage your back-office systems


Due to the ForEx Management your team will manage and supervise middle-office activities related to the management of FX risks and provision of the currency exchange services.


Here you get a tool supporting the interaction between the system and corresponding card management system (CMS) or switches that in turn interact with card payment schemes (such as Visa or MasterCard, etc.).


The treasury management functionality helps you as a financial institution to add, edit or view your client money accounts with a selected bank or a PSP, as well as to ensure compliance with segregation and capital adequacy requirements.


One of the cornerstones of our platform is to support the work and required functions of the accounting team. It means that the bookkeeping gives you the tool to manage GL-accounts, period closing and many more.

We designed this tool to help FIs to ensure sound financial management over their businesses and meet reporting deadlines.

With this feature your team may create a wide variety of financial reports, and also use them to produce following Annual & Ongoing financial statements and reports, or monitor and trace financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), as well as Regulatory & Capital Adequacy Requirements Ratios.


With this you get a comprehensive set of instruments to create event-based notifications by choosing any of the configured system’s processes and assigning a notification event to it. Very simple, always working.


With channel management functionality you will see all existing external connections and services, applying status and various properties if needed. It allows you to manage channel security, watch usage statistics and more.


Browse the Core technical features

Time to market 1

4 months

Trial version 2

2 weeks

Supported entities 3

This is the type of entities that can be exchanged using the Risk Management product

Account, Contact, Profile, Payment, Deal, Card, Product, Service, Fee, Limit, Service Term, Channel, Notification, Access Profile.

Connectivity modes

Asynchronous message processing

SLA (%)

99.89 (Normal Availability), 99.95 (High Availability)

Peak TPS 4

5-10 (Normal Availability), 150 (High Availability)

Supported standards

  • EBA Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Requirements
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • The Payment Services Regulations (PSR) 2017
  • Payment Service Directive (EU) 2015/2366
  • ISO 20022
  • ISO 8583 (External Host Messaging)

Tech stack


Product code (series)


Short description

Elcoin Automated Banking System (ABS) is a fully fledged core banking system that has transactional banking, branch and agents banking as well as multi-institutional financial processing capabilities.

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Deployment mode(s) 5

Cloud only

  1. Presented value corresponds to historical records and past projects data. It is possible to reduce the time to market time provided existing integrations will be used and clear configuration requirements are available at the start of the project.
  2. A trial version is provided by giving access to the Elcoin Demo environment. Upon the trial period expires the access to the demo environment is revoked.
  3. Data items that can be exchanged are subject to your configuration and business settings. Not all of these items can be supported. For more information, please check your Account manager or contact Elcoin sales team via this form.
  4. Values were achieved as part of Elcoin performance benchmark testing survey that had been conducted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 computing instance.
  5. Each installation is deployed in an isolated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) account within the Amazon hosting platform. It is possible to ensure high availability mode by deploying two or more parallel computing nodes.