High-level governance of your risk management programs

When you operate with money, the risk is always with you. And this risk may be of various nature, type and form, related to Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT), operational, reputation or any other risk categories.


Mind the risk

Elcoin is here to help. We equip you with an end-to-end risk management service, fully designed to automate the work of your risk managers, compliance, operations, business executives and other teams.

A complete and automated circle starts with the risk scanning and identification. And these risk incidents must be fixed immediately, as otherwise, this will lead to increased adverse business impact.


Anti-risk suite

With our anti-risk suite you have everything to cover your operating risk management needs, as you get following functional tools:

Managing Foreign Exchange Risks

Managing Customer Risks

Managing Transactional Risks

Managing Settlement Risks

Aligning your business’ risk appetite with existing risk management framework is not an easy task.
That’s why we designed:


The Framework

To be used along with your established practices. However, it is possible to use our risk management framework should it be valid for your enterprise.


Ready-to-use tools

Applicable on every stage of your financial operation activity: customer / people risks, product / services risks, delivery channel / geographical risks, compliance / operations risks, internal / external risk and many more.



In our work we use a risk-based approach. This works when comparing the value of inherent risk with the residual one to map the effectiveness of the risk controls established in the firm.

Browse our Elcoin Risk Management technical features

Stay ahead of your risk management practices with our unique Risk management suite. The solution can be embedded seamlessly to your current Elcoin Platform setup. Learn more about our fully-fledged cloud banking platform here.

Time to market 1

1 month

Trial version 2

7 days

Supported entities 3

This is the type of entities that can be exchanged using the Risk Management product

Contacts, Products, Accounts, Payments, Forex Deals, Cards, Card Payments, Investigations, Risks Register.

Connectivity modes

Functional software add-on.

SLA (%)

99.89 (Normal Availability), 99.95 (High Availability)

Supported standards

  • ISO 31000

Tech stack


Product code (series)


Short description

Risk Management Add-On is the set of tools that are based on existing financial industry risk management practices and standards and are designed to help your risk managers to manage your Financial Institution’s risks.

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The Platform

Deployment mode(s) 5

Cloud only

  1. Presented value corresponds to historical records and past projects data. It is possible to reduce the time to market time provided existing integrations will be used and clear configuration requirements are available at the start of the project.
  2. A trial version is provided by giving access to the Elcoin Demo environment. Upon the trial period expires the access to the demo environment is revoked.
  3. Data items that can be exchanged are subject to your configuration and business settings. Not all of these items can be supported. For more information, please check your Account manager or contact Elcoin sales team via this form.
  4. Values were achieved as part of Elcoin performance benchmark testing survey that had been conducted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 computing instance.
  5. Each installation is deployed in an isolated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) account within the Amazon hosting platform. It is possible to ensure high availability mode by deploying two or more parallel computing nodes.