Your ultimate financial data exchange API Hub.

Send messages, financial data, deals and other requests across our network of customers, agents and partners. All of this is possible with our Elcoin API Hub product.

API Cloud

Connecting the dots

Designed and developed by us, the API Hub is the ultimate financial data exchange solution. You will connect devices, services, servers and foreign apps to deliver end-to-end services to your business. This implies anything from value-added financial services to routing and switching tasks.

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Key features



Queue Management

Push Tablespace Notifications

Flexible Processing Modes


ISO Compliant

Compliant services and message structures provide you with the next level inter-bank connectivity. Check our Resources section to learn more about supported message types and their usage.

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In-and-out exchange modes allow upstream and downstream integrations between your IT landscape and our platform using this API Hub product

Time to market 1

1 month

Trial version 2

Not available

Supported entities 3

This is the type of entities that can be exchanged using the Risk Management product

Access, Contacts, Products, Accounts, Payments, Forex Deals, Cards, Card Payments, Treasury Deals, Loans, Deposits

Connectivity modes

Asynchronous message processing

SLA (%)

99.89 (Normal Availability), 99.95 (High Availability)

Peak TPS 4

5-10 (Normal Availability), 150 (High Availability)

Supported standards

  • ISO20022
  • ISO8583
  • XML
  • JSON

Tech stack


Product code (series)


Short description

Elcoin API Hub is an online integration component that is responsible for message format mapping and connectivity with supported services and systems. To learn more about support integrations please visit our integration marketplace page.

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Deployment mode(s) 5

Cloud only

  1. Presented value corresponds to historical records and past projects data. It is possible to reduce the time to market time provided existing integrations will be used and clear configuration requirements are available at the start of the project.
  2. A trial version is provided by giving access to the Elcoin Demo environment. Upon the trial period expires the access to the demo environment is revoked.
  3. Data items that can be exchanged are subject to your configuration and business settings. Not all of these items can be supported. For more information, please check your Account manager or contact Elcoin sales team via this form.
  4. Values were achieved as part of Elcoin performance benchmark testing survey that had been conducted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 computing instance.
  5. Each installation is deployed in an isolated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) account within the Amazon hosting platform. It is possible to ensure high availability mode by deploying two or more parallel computing nodes.

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