Elcoin for Neobanks

Want to become a new Fintech Unicorn?
You are ready to scale, but your platform is not?
Need to remain compliant with regulations across all jurisdictions?

Get the most out of our solution for Neobanks

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Suite for everyone

If you develop value-added apps for customers and want to outsource your banking infrastructure, or looking for ways to update it, our services are beneficial for you.

We think that your time is priceless

Launch your financial products with us in a matter of weeks, not years.


Benefist for Neobanks

Regulatory status

Getting a financial licence has never been easy. Starting your business afterwards may prove to be even harder. At Elcoin we understand this and provide our bespoke solutions to support any wide range of financial intermediation business models and firm’s regulatory statuses. We encourage you to start configuring your Platform before receiving the licence to help you minimise the duration of your mobilisation stage.

Remote services channels

Elcoin can support your business by providing our internet banking solution that can be used by your customers to access your services.
You can always connect your own mobile and/or internet banking apps to the Platform by using our differentiated API endpoints

Embedded compliance solutions

Embedded compliance providers we have can be used to automate your financial account opening for individuals and business customers. These tools can be used to screen customers, related persons as well as payment counterparties. You get a range of compliance services integrations to support your compliance team needs.

Single balance

The simplicity of the Core allows the System to satisfy performance requirements as needed by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards and be used in conjunction with card network switches. This allows to keep single balance for your customers and process authorisation directly in the System.

Scale no limits

With the SaaS platform you have everything at hand to maximise your business. Avoid gaps in all your back-end processes, with less investment in hardware - as you are in the cloud. Be equipped with transparent bookkeeping and reporting mechanics, no matter how many new markets you acquired.


Show must go on…

One important milestone our lovely DevOps team has achieved is high system’s performance to cost ratio. Designed to work in a 24/7 mode, the System does not have to stop for closing the balance day. The conventional ‘End of the Bank Day’ process is replaced with continues balance revaluation, made every time a new operation is performed.


Build your setup

Why not start building your configuration today? Browse our solution Pricing page to get a quote on your personalised configuration from our team.